DHC is an independent Executive Search firm specializing since 2011 in high-potential recruitments in legal, tax, and compliance positions within law firms, notary offices, corporations, and financial institutions.

In law firms, notary offices, and IP consulting firms: team movements, partners, counsel as well as senior associates recruitments. We also support you in recruiting key support functions (General Secretary, CHRO, COO, CMO, head of BD,…).

In corporations and financial institutions: leaders in legal, tax, M&A, and compliance/data positions.

DHC also engages in strategic consulting with its clients, particularly in developing their expansion strategy, office openings, and merger operations.

For our partners, DHC positions itself as a true 'career agent' : with utmost confidentiality, we assist you in your professional considerations and explore together the market opportunities that best align with your aspirations.

To enhance our support and foster long-term recruitments, we have also developed a professional coaching service and provide psychological assessment tools (D.I.S.C and WPMOT).

Our values : Confidentiality, Expertise, Integrity.

Executive Search


Recruitment through direct approach: a methodology of search and evaluation leaving no room for chance. When a mandate is entrusted to us, we conduct a complete and exhaustive market study to directly approach the best talents, often less visible and less receptive. Fully aware that confidentiality is a fundamental aspect of our practice, we demonstrate perfect professional ethics and absolute respect for the Off-limits – the prohibition of approaching candidates within our clients.


We approach the identified candidates and systematically meet them in in-depth individual interviews to ensure that their profiles match our client's requirements. In this way, we conduct an initial selection, taking into account the candidates' skills, aspirations, and motivational factors. Following the individual interviews, we present to our client the selected profiles based on targeted criteria specific to the assigned mission, with the express agreement of the candidates.


We also take care of bridging the gap between the client and the candidates throughout the recruitment process. We organize various interviews and follow up on applications. Thus, we accompany the candidates throughout the process, extending to the negotiation of their contracts and working conditions. We also implement personalized follow-up for integration, both from the client's and candidates' perspectives.